ESSENS perfumes are created with emphasis on the best quality. Our production is certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO  9001-2008 and is under constant inspection according to the strictest regulations and standards of the European Union. We guarantee that every perfume product contains at least 20% of the fragrance essences (essential oils), exclusively provided by SELUZ company, which is one of the front producers of private brand. This guarantees an esteemed position with the elites among perfumes.

Let us introduce you a simplified description of the manufacturing process. Aromatic essences of the greatest quality made exclusively from natural resources are firstly mixed together with a pure perfume alcohol. This is why we differ from the most of the other perfume companies, as they are obligated to denaturalise the alcohol with chemicals, which may negatively affect the final product. The final mixture is cooled to the temperature of -7°C and after is filtered; filters used in this step have a softness of 10 microns. The perfume is then stored in stainless tanks for the minimum of 8 weeks, where it maturates so the essence gains more intensity. The mature perfume is then filled into flacons, cleaned by air stream created by Italian masters at the renowned glass workshop. Lastly the whole product is packaged into a box, which is designed with pure creativity.All manufacturing steps are subject to continuous control and only the best quality materials are used for the production.

The offer includes the most successful 40 perfumes for women and 20 perfumes for men.

ESSENS has extended the range of products by shower gels in each of the 60 fragrances. Furthermore we offer perfumed body balms in 40 women´s fragrances, which are enriched by moisturizing complex, vitamin E, shea butter, apricot and hemp oil, thanks to which your skin will not only be fragrant, but also beautiful and healthy.

All of our products were successfully certified and registered for sale in every country where ESSENS is represented.


By the beginning of 2015, we presented four exclusive perfumes from a brand new collection ESSENS Unique. These perfumes are the result of the desire of a world renowned perfumer Hélène Fizet to create a unique perfume composition using the finest and most expensive natural raw materials available in the world market today. Fragrances were selected in order to gain the quality mark, luxury and superior design. After the perfume matures for several months in special stainless tanks, it is filled into glass flacons, which feature almost invisible innovative sprayer. This allows very subtle and effective spread of perfume into a very fine fragrant cloud. The final impression is enhanced by the modern design of top made from exotic wood as well as the specially designed box.

DeVobis by ESSENS

This unusual combination of multimedia flacon and perfume is not to be found in our offer anymore. Nevertheless, we decided to devote it these few lines, because even that characterizes ESSENS - desire to come first with something new and develop own vision.DeVobis never became successful, even though it was a world novelty - perfume with digital LCD display. Due to the unique technology it was possible to simply upload your own photo, music, video or even personal wishes into the memory, which could intensify emotions associated with such a gift. Let`s remind us this historic moment on